Introducing Switch Control HD

November 2013 · 1 minute read


Owning a SmartHome is one of the best things you can own. No matter where on earth you are, whether it’s in your office, on your way home or in Australia. Your home is always at your fingertips. Have you forgotten to switch off the light at home? Heating up your home while you’re still on your way home from a vacation? No big deal if you have a SmartHome. And with Switch Control HD it gets even easier! Your iPad becomes the cockpit of your home.

And the best:
To celebrate the announcement of Switch Control HD, we’re slashing 40% off the full price (€3.59 instead of €5.99).
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Note: You’ll need a RWE SmartHome Account with mobile access and RWE SmartHome devices to use SwitchControl HD.