What's new in Switch Control Version 1.1?

February 2014 · 3 minute read

A few hours ago, I’ve released a new Version of Switch Control and Switch Control HD (1.1). It took over 2 months to complete and includes many many bigger and smaller changes. That makes it the first bigger realese since it first launched!

But what has changed?

New Design: More iOS7 like

iOS 7 Design

iOS 7 Design

Gone is the old, iOS6 like design with its 3D buttons and highly rounded corners. Even though this new design is more an evolution than a revolution, it sure looks different. The entire app now uses the same, dark style. All labels look the same (use the same font) and scale down if the text is too large for the amount of space that is available. Even the buttons now look more iOS7 like: flat and one single color.

Sort and hide rooms

Sort rooms

Sort rooms

One of the most requested features! Now you can show/hide rooms and even sort them according to your needs. And if you don’t want to use the global order, just toggle the switch and it doesn’t get synced with RWE anymore.

New, special rooms

Special Rooms

Special Rooms

Sometimes, you just want to know whether you’ve turned off all your lights. With our new type of room, one that only shows a particular kind of device, it’s easy to do that. We even create one room for every device type you own for you! And if you don’t want to see it? Just hide the room(s) like any other room.

In the future, you’ll eveb be able to create your own rooms. Stay tuned.

Your new thermostat



The thermostat in the app sure looks different, doesn’t it? And indeed I’re completely reworked it.

More information

A tiny triangle indicates, whether your room’s current temperature is higher or lower than your desired target temperature. And if the room humidity crosses your configured threshold, the percentage turns red. Cool, isn’t it?

Increase/decrease the temperature in small steps

Ever wanted to increase the temperature by 0.5 degrees? Now it’s even easier to do that. Just tap the top right corner (where the little + sign is located) and the temperature will increase. Tap on the left and it decreases.

Switch between automatic/manual mode

Here’s something you can’t do with the RWE app. Switching between automatic and manual mode is pretty easy now. Just tap and hold and a little menu will appear. There you can switch the mode.

New device: wall switch and remote

You’ve programmed your wall switch/remote with some fancy programs and now you want to trigger them from the app? Sure. Go ahead. Little gray rectangles help you trigger the right button.

Smaller changes

There’s so much more that we’ve changed, e.g. - You can en-/disable verbose logging now - You can access the sidebar on the login screen - The app can be manually refreshed - Reworked architecture for a faster, more reliable app - Many, many bugfixes

Here’s a little video to show you a few of the changes in action:

I’d love to hear your feedback (or even your ideas for new funtions?). There’s plenty that can be added/improved in the future. Stay tuned!