Switch Control - In-App Purchase: All In

October 2014 ยท 2 minute read


All-In Switch Control

“All-In Switch Control” enables every single feature of Switch Control for an affordable price.

Here’s what you get:

  • Configurable rooms
  • Access to the messages sent by your RWE SmartHome Central Control Unit
  • Support for additional apps

Configurable rooms

{% caption align=“alignleft” caption=“Room management” url=“/uploads/2014/10/switchcontrol_iphone6p_rooms.en.png” alt=“Room management” width=“390” %} {% caption align=“alignleft” caption=“Adding a room” url=“/uploads/2014/10/switchcontrol_iphone6p_addRoom.en.png” alt=“Adding a room” width=“390” %}

In the original RWE SmartHome apps, rooms are fairly limited. Devices can only ever be associated with a single room (much like in real life) and their order can’t be changed.

Switch Control introduces “special” rooms that show all devices of a particular device class (i.e. all thermostats) and also allows you to create your own, custom rooms. Each device can be associated with multiple rooms. In addition, rooms can be hidden and reordered.

The configuration is stored on the iOS device now (sync will be available later this year).


{% caption align=“alignleft” caption=“Messages” url=“/uploads/2014/10/switchcontrol_iphone6p_messages.en.png” alt=“Messages” width=“390” %}

The RWE SmartHome Zentrale provides its very own messaging system that informs you about important events regarding your SmartHome system, e.g. devices being unavailable or requiring a software update.

With Switch Control you’re able to read these messages right in the app.


{% caption align=“alignleft” caption=“Hue app” url=“/uploads/2014/10/switchcontrol_iphone6p_hue.png” alt=“Hue app” width=“390” %}

RWE SmartHome offers certain, extended functionality in the form of additional apps. Some of them require certain hardware or are paid apps, some of them just add a new type of device to the control interface (i.e. variables).

Switch Control supports some of those additional apps:

  • Email/SMS
  • Variables
  • Sunrise/-down
  • Wake-On-LAN
  • Philips Hue

Additional apps will be added later on.